NaNoWriMo – Meet the Cast

We are a weekend away from NaNoWriMo! I have to write about 8,000 words this weekend to finish clearing my schedule for the event but hey, good practice for next month, isn’t it? But enough about my other writing projects, what you want to hear about is Oil and Boiling Water.
In the course of my NaNo planning, I decided to do something I rarely, if ever, do; character outlines. It’s started in my head, as usual. But then I realised the story required quite a cast and that it might an interesting pre-NaNo post so I decided to formalize it.
Here are the main characters of my NaNoWriMo novel!

Tatiana Seymour (narrator and MC)
Single-minded woman of a noble Britannian descent, Tatiana has a knack for all things mechanic and scientific. She has the dangerous independence of her lineage but not its dislike for getting dirt under her nails. She used to masquerade as her twin brother Damian when they were kids but her adult curves prevent her from doing that now. She’s womanly not only in body but also in mind; she doesn’t want to be a tom-boy but if it’s necessary to save the country she holds dear…

Damian Seymour
Strong and stubborn, just like his sister, he is relatively mild-mannered when compared to his twin. However, he only is that way because he believes Tatiana deserves a part of the spotlight that automatically shines on him due to his birth and sex. He thinks his kid sister’s plan to alter the balance of power might be the only way to change things. He’s also determined to keep her from getting in too much trouble by reigning her in when needs be and protecting her if all else fails.

Éloi Lafayette
Son of a French pirate captain, Éloi will eventually inherit a boat and a crew. That assurance leads him to enjoy life at its fullest, like every sailor should. He’s not lazy by any means, quite the contrary; he’ll go to extreme lengths to win a woman’s favor. Which often results in quite a bit of trouble. Charming, loyal and clever, he usually manages to get out of a pickle with flying colors. He’s determined to seduce the reluctant Tatiana.

The Scholars (several characters)
In Britannia, noble families hold very little power; the scholars, however, do. Convinced their books hold the universal truth, the scholars are completely out of touch with the real world, with how theories are applied in practice. Thus, their ruling of the country is blind. Women aren’t permitted in their University and thus, can never play a role in decision-making. They turned Tatiana down on multiple occasions and don’t believe she can ever bring anything interesting to their table.

Of course, there is also the famous French pirate captain (Éloi’s dad) and his Castilian rivals, and Tatiana’s dad and fiancé to spice things up. 😉
How is it going with your characters? Who are they?


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