NaNoWriMo – Seizing The Challenge

I wondered for quite sometime if I would seize the NaNoWriMo challenge. You see, with all the stories on this blog, I have to write quite a few things in advance to clear up my schedule and concentrate on one story for a whole month. I’m currently finishing up Unforeseen Dives and scheduling its publication twice every week. I’ll try to have Absurd Fables ready in advance too. I’m reworking a short story I submitted for publication (which was rejected) to fill up some of the gap in my posting schedule.

But before starting on all that, I had to be sure the challenge was for me.

See, I hate failure. That doesn’t mean I’m a sore loser. Losing, like being rejected, implies another person over whom I have no control. I don’t mind either of those situations. However, failing involves only my own short-comings which makes it a lot more difficult for me to handle.
I know; it’s the other way around for most people. *shrugs*

So I only decided to jump on the NaNoWriMo train once I weighed my chances of success. The core question being: is this too crazy for me?
Well, no.

I’ve been keeping track of my word count this year. I only track fiction so blog posts like this one or informative ones don’t count.
First, let’s just say that if I put all my effort in less stories, I’d have more novels under my belt. By the end of this month, I will have written 250,000 words since January. So my average word count is 25,000 words a month. That is a whole lot more than I realised.

NaNoWriMo will require me to double my average monthly word count. However, I freed my schedule of other stories, informative posts, etc. I’d say the objective is reachable.
Now, we only have to see if I’ll indeed reach it!
My crazy “reach for the sky” objective is to write the whole novel in a month (which means 100k). If I can do that despite the occasional overtime at work, the birthday parties and the modelling gig for a friend, I’ll be ecstatic.

How is the challenge for you? Aiming higher? Too busy to try?


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Somewhere in Quebec City, Aheïla works as a Game Design Director by day and writes by night. Known for her blue hair, unyielding dynamism and tasty cooking (quails, anyone?), she’s convinced “prose is the new crack”. She satisfies her addiction daily on The Writeaholic’s Blog and weekly on Games' Bustles View all posts by Aheïla

12 responses to “NaNoWriMo – Seizing The Challenge

  • Melanie Hooyenga

    Good luck! When I did nano two years ago I wasn’t working and wrote 2000 words per day in three shifts. I don’t think that’ll be possible this year, but I’m excited just to be a part of the chaos. Heck, even 1000 words a day will be great for me.

    I’m saying that now because I also hate not reaching my goals.

    • Aheïla

      Balancing work and writing is definitely a challenge. When I’m into a story, I can get about 3k written in two hours but I doubt I can do that every night. But who knows, maybe the write-ins and all that jazz are going to push me beyond my limits. 😉
      The important thing is to respect yourself and have a challenge of your own. I think you have a good approach of it.

  • Lectin Gaezat

    Well, current situation: Waiting with dread as my marks come back to me.

    But I am definetely attending NaNoWriMo this year in my country. I seem to have suddenly developed a masochi-adventurous streak. Of course, I’m wrapping up all of my short stories and trying to plan my blog to post them during the November period.

    It’s an utter mess, and I’m rather excited for it, although my monthly word average peters out at about 37k a month.

    • Aheïla

      37k a month is very good. It’s not that far from the 50k mark.
      It’s nice to get into this with other writers. It really gives an interesting dimension to the whole process.

      • Lectin Gaezat

        Haha thanks, but about 15k-20k are for reviews or rants on writing, so the real writing usually rounds off at 17-22k words a month.

        I guess it helps that I’m actually talking to people who know what ‘plot bunnies’ are. Speaking with people who know what you are trying to do, or can get your point of view is priceless.

        Of course, the kick off party will probably bring out the worst in my anti-social personality. I’m already trying to rationalize to myself it’s perfectly fine to go to a party where you don’t know anyone personally.

      • Aheïla

        So you have about the same average as me than. I’m sure we can do this. 😉

        I can’t wait to meet the people from my region. I’ve been pondering the possibility of buying a mini-netbook for a while and I’ll purchase it tonight so I have it for the write-ins in November. 😀

  • Lectin Gaezat

    The netbook idea sounds great :), you should definitely get it for writing on the go. I don’t have that kind of budget for me, so I’ll stick with my rather big laptop to bring for the write-ins. It will definitely be fun.

    Ah, it’s supposedly all about writing a set amount each day, it looks like I’ll be placing 2 hours aside each day just to sit at my computer to work at it. Like a mad dog, but still it’s something.

    • Aheïla

      I just bought one mini netbook that was fairly cheap. But then, I don’t have any other laptop so I don’t have another alternative if I want to write outside of my office.
      I’ll be setting two hours aside as well. In a ideal world, I’ll try to clock in a bit more than that but two hours is my minimum.

  • Claudie A.

    I’m shooting for the sky this year, in part because I was pushed for it by the regional Wrimos last year. My challenge is to finish two novels, which might bring me to about 200k. I don’t know if I can do it. It is pretty crazy.

    Quick heads-up, by the way: we’re not writing much during the meets. We spend a lot of time just talking and trying to blow off the steam from the week’s stress. I’m told by most Wrimos that once they get back home, they’re twice as motivated to write. But come anyway! They are lots of fun, I promise. 🙂

    • Aheïla

      Isn’t 200k about what you did last year?
      It is an impressive objectives. I’ve got too many things going on to shoot that high. On the other hand, I do have another project in my back pocket just in case I surprise myself and finish Oil and Boiling Water quicker than I expect.

      *laughs* Then why are you bringing laptops at the meetings?
      I guess the structure depends on the region. I’ve heard about weekly meetings that are all about word wars. 😉

  • Claudie A.

    Sometimes we bring them to show little videos to other, sometimes they don’t get used at all and on the rare occasion, we end up writing. Not everyone has one, though, and I don’t want to exclude anybody by restricting Write-Ins to writing. So I call them Meet-Ups instead. 😉

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