Unforeseen Dives – 34b – Consequences

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I concentrated all the energy I had left on avoiding sleep during our morning meeting. After a night awake to create a whirlpool in the Ocean, the debriefing munched on my last resources. Daniel, Aaron and the FBI team leaders looked unjustly peppy. Rebecca barely hid her grumpiness.
“We successfully hid the whole organization in a whirlpool.”
“What exactly does this mean?” An agent asked. I think his name was Morris but my mind refused to confirm.
“Any psychics looking for us will get a headache and no information. We hid the concept of the operation. The whirlpool is not bound to a place or people. Its only anchor point is a time frame.”
“The enemy is basically as blind as we are.” Daniel added.
“I’d say he’s even blinder.” Rebecca cut in. “For several of his whirlpools, we have names and places. It’s not a whole lot but it’s more than he has now.”
“Do you have the list of FBI operatives we need to hide as well?” I inquired. Agent Morris handed me a sheet with about thirty names on it. “Good. Half of them are already taken care of.”
“When will the other half follow?”
“This afternoon. I sent my team to sleep and told them to set their alarm for one o’clock.” I covered my mouth to yawn.
“There’s a bedroom you can use so you don’t risk blowing your cover by heading home in the middle of the day.” Aaron offered caringly. This secret operation revealed a whole new side of that man. I guess his awfulness was linked to the insane pressure on his shoulders.
The FBI agents took over the briefing. Forensics processed some of the corpses of the men who attacked the school. So far, they uncovered very little. The guys were all professional mercenaries which informed us that whoever orchestrated the operation knew a bit about hired hands. An agent took the responsibility to investigate these connections.
“Without more details, it’ll be hard to come up with something if the man behind this is new to the business.” He concluded. In a nutshell, the lead wouldn’t necessarily turn out to be a dead end but we shouldn’t bank too much on it either.
Another agent skimmed through the list of psychics with the prompt diver gene. His two assistants were elbow-deep in profile analysis. They sorted the people by threat level first and would then cross-reference their list with pharmaceutical data.
“It’ll probably take the week. For the moment, we set aside the psychics who didn’t undergo a traumatizing experience.”
“Right.” I confirmed. “It’s unlikely they developed prompt diving.”
“We think we found a pattern though. The criminal seems to target people with the prompt diving gene when he kidnaps psychics. It’s too early to be sure and there are too many to watch them all.”
I sighed. The only way to save people was to stop the mad man before he got to them. Of course the FBI didn’t have the resources to put all potential prompt divers under surveillance.
“If the pattern is confirmed, we could enlist the help of local law enforcement.” Aaron proposed.
“I doubt we could hide something this big in a whirlpool.” I shook my head. “This type of measure will probably just increase the body count for each kidnapping.”
The pharmaceutical company themselves provided limited information.
“The adrenergic inhibitors are fairly common to control hypertension and various heart problems.”
“The concentration in those products regulates normal levels of adrenaline but shouldn’t affect the secretion during high stress context, correct?” We would have seen adrenaline-free situations before if the drug was that strong.
“Yes. No legal product is concentrated enough to trigger the effect you’ve seen. We’re scouring our list of known black market criminals specialized in pharmaceutical and lobbying companies to get their list of drugs in development.”
“Do we know how complex the creation of a drug like that would be and the list of necessary raw material?”
“We’ve got drug specialists working on it. Some drug lords might have the required installations. If someone tipped them off that the drug limits psychic reading, they might even supply it for next to nothing in return.”
“So we’re not necessarily looking for someone with access to large amounts of money.” The agent in charge of the prompt divers list noted.
Since the pharmaceutical front was more limited, I requested lists of people and materials. That trail would occupy my team for a while and the future might turn up information the FBI couldn’t access. If the person responsible wasn’t hidden a whirlpool, of course. Either way, we might narrow down the suspects.
“When the prompt diver front is reduced to a manageable size, I’ll run it through my team as well.”
We completed the run-through of operations by ten o’clock. My eyes insisted on closing. I held myself together for another hour so I could type up instructions for my team. Their afternoon consisted in hiding FBI agents in the whirlpool which was pretty straight forward now that they had a hang of the process.
I told James to expect a list of pharmaceutical components and drug lords by the end of the day but I doubted they would find the time to get to it. I recommended they stopped working at a reasonable hour so they could return to a normal schedule. I left my bedroom’s number in case any problem arose.
Rebecca profited of that time to clean up her report of our dive in the Prompt Diving Training School. Since that expedition fed the whole operation, the briefing required details and clarity.
Daniel led my partner and me to our bedroom on the upper floor.
“It’s yours.” He announced as he dropped two keys in my palm. “You might want to bring a few changes of clothes for situations like this.” He winked and left after wishing us a good rest.
Rebecca set the alarm to five o’clock to ensure we headed home at the same time the rest of the bank would empty. I slipped under the covers without undressing.

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