Unforeseen Dives – 34a – Consequences

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The dinner with Casey went without a hitch. He complained a bit about his new job and how he wished he could work with us but didn’t discover the nature of our secret. The laughter and light discussions calmed my nerves. Not that Casey stopped caring about the war because he was fired; we just naturally avoided the subject and the heartaches that rode with it.
We left the restaurant around nine, parting on hugs and promises to do this again sometime. Casey probably wanted a dinner for two on his schedule. I headed home and got some shuteye. My state of forced exhaustion enabled me to reap the best out of the two hours I spent in my bed. Dinner had definitely been a good idea.
Later, Rebecca picked me up and we drove silently toward the empty bank. The underground garage made our entry a little less conspicuous. We took the two different elevators to reach the operations floor. The whole team was ready to dive. The heavy curtains obscured the windows so people from the outside wouldn’t see our lights. My secondary chair awaited me in front of the team as a teacher’s desk.
“Here’s the plan, people.” I announced while Rebecca doubled-checked all the connections of my chair to keep herself busy. She knew I wasn’t going to use it. “My theory is that whirlpools are created by intensive alterations of the future. You’ll dive, find an element of the future that can be easily changed and rework it in the present so the future is different. We’ll repeat the process as long as it takes.”
“The criminal probably discovered it by mistake. He attempted to craft his perfect future and created a whirlpool in the process.” James devised.
“That’s my impression too. Try to pick small details for our exercise. Something you can alter rather quickly without it being completely insignificant. Our priority is to hide what happens in this building. If we’re lucky, when the whirlpool start, we can mess with it enough to hide even our location.”
“How far do you want us to go?” I smiled. James deserved his team leader status.
“Up to when this building becomes obsolete. I assume you’ll have to face the war to do so.” Laughter wasn’t the reaction I expected. It came from a perky telepath.
“Good thing we slept.” The others laughed with her, avid for a little carelessness before the serious stuff began.
They quickly arranged their chairs and started diving. I imitated them, except my chair wasn’t on. I reached the point in the Ocean when our building is raided by hostile non-readers. They enter by the front door and overflow security in an instant.
I came out of it and noted the date and hour down. I would ask for security to be tripled to counter the attack. While I wrote, another psychic emerged. He waited for the others to come out of the Ocean as well.
“Did you notice we were all sitting in exactly this formation when the gunmen entered?” He asked. His coworkers nodded. “We should wait for two of us to be out of the Ocean after every dive and switch chairs. That alters the future right?” I grinned.
“Yes, it does. Good work!”
They rotated for the first time then spread out to change elements. Rebecca maintained contacts with the telepaths throughout the night. If the situation wasn’t so dire, the process would have been entertaining.
One team rearranged the couches in the common living room so the corridor the gunmen walked through in the first future we saw didn’t exist anymore. Another guy threw a coffeemaker from the break room in the garbage. The machine started a limited kitchen fire in three weeks. All around the block, small contradicting changes were made to alter the future. I decided to empty the building the day of the attack which threw the whole thing off balance since the efforts of the rest of the team focused on altering that day. The key was to make the decision and intend to go through with it; pretending didn’t fool the future.
“I think it’s starting.” James told me after five hours of messing around. “Two months from now, right before the attack against the building, the eye in shaping up.”
I prompt dived following his directions and rejoiced. He was right. We fed the tiny swirl with physical changes for another hour. Then, I ordered the team to concentrate on diving, making decisions based on what they learned and diving again. From that point on, the whirlpool grew in size and fierceness. The progression speed doubled. Cultivating it required barely any effort.
I tried to dive into the past couple of days and use elements of the past to alter my decisions regarding the events that already disappeared in the whirlpool. The results were immediate. Slowly but surely I managed to draw the blinding curtain over last weekend, hiding the fact this facility even existed. I stopped pulling the whirlpool back once it ate up the announcement of PSI’s dissolution.
The team knew the events after the whirlpool and anchored themselves to that future. They worked on spreading the disturbance later in time, ensuring we would have as complete a protection as we could. They shared their experience and observations every time two of them emerged at once. Squints at their best, utterly thrilled by the success of our experiment and amazed by the birth of the whirlpool. They managed to reproduce the first known phenomenon in the Ocean’s history and already saw their names in school books. Their motivation was intoxicating.
We ceased our process at sunrise. We pulled the curtain back to watch the world coming back to life. James walked out for ten minutes and came back with a bottle of scotch and plastic cups for everyone. He served a round of the amber liquid that nearly matched the color of the horizon. As light filled the room, we rose our glasses. Everyone looked at me for the toast.
“Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen, we are now futureless!”

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