Unforeseen Dives – Va – A Walk in the Park

<< 31b – Dissolution

The last beating Ryan gave me was especially violent. My face throbbed and each beat sent a spark of pain throughout my jaw. If they kept this rhythm up, I wouldn’t last much longer. I guessed that was the point. I could tell by the non-reader’s attitude that he grew tired of me though he tried to hide it behind carefully worded threats. For some reason, the person ordering him around didn’t want me dead yet. Sean never had such luck. Or should it actually be called luck?
Each passing minute shredded my mind a little further. The pain seemed to have a grounding effect, or maybe the side-effect came from fatigue alone; I didn’t prompt dive as much as I feared. While a careful dive would reveal a getaway, my uncontrolled expeditions threw me in whirlpools which could turn me into a psycho-killer or a catatonic vegetable in a jiffy. Every part of me was cornered.
I forced myself into a sitting position. I cringed all the way up and required a couple of quick breaths to prevent fainting. My head hit the all too familiar rock wall. I slowed my respiration and closed my eyes. I lulled myself into meditation, finding the last unscathed part of my being. In the Japanese garden sleeping behind my lids, I relaxed my nerves and rejuvenated my will.
The fight wasn’t over until they decided to bury a bullet in me. I wouldn’t kill myself by giving in no matter how tempting the release. They won enough already.
Strength spread from my steady core to my muscles. My body filled with peacefulness and within it lived a place to rest. I closed myself to the pain, refused to be ruled by it. Pain existed but I had no master. Mind over matter. I could do this.
Slowly the world around me ceased to exist; only the place within me mattered. Despite the wounds, the solid wall, the sitting position and the impending doom, I drifted into sleep. Nothing on the outside could heal me but if I kept myself whole and solid, I might pull through.
A splash of cold water pulled me out of sleep. My eyes opened on a face hovering above mine. As it drew back I noted the face rested atop an arrangement of pricey scarves which I would gladly trade for a silver platter. I shook my head to slam my ideas back in place and lose some droplets. The detestable non-reader nestled himself in the nearby couch with a loud: “How is the despicable reader on this fine morning?”
We were back to the improper use of the casual tone. I hated this man with all I had left. I never was the violent type but I suspected ripping his head would be enjoyable. This man wasn’t broken by torture or manipulated to act against his will. He had no excuse to be a monster. Worst, he loved his job.
By the lighting of the room, it was the middle of the afternoon. Thus, the man was also a liar. I probably slept a couple of hours between the morning meal and now.
“I feel as uncooperative as every other day.” I replied with the wider grin my severely harmed face could manage.
“I thought you would appreciate the shower.” He flashed perfect white teeth. At least, I still had all mine. The regular beatings shook a couple but I didn’t spit any out yet. Otherwise, I might have been jealous of his smile and hated him all the more.
“A little cold for my liking but I’m hardly the picky type. Who am I getting pretty for?” Apparently, my captor didn’t expect me to maintain his level of conversation nor read the daily schedule between the lines. The scarves and the open coat meant that either he just arrived or he was about to leave. In the latest option, chances were good that he planned to take me with him. Why would he still be dressed if I had nothing to do with it?
“Our explosions around town are going so great that you’re becoming obsolete by the minute. We’ll most likely execute you before the end of the week. The boss wants to say goodbye.”
“I knew he’d warmed up to my stubbornness.” That was Becky’s type of retort. She played a large role in my resilience. I remembered her square jaw and her dormant violence. The details of the last time I saw her were fuzzy but I had years of partnership to rely on. Was she breathing when I was dragged away from the scene? Would my niece be all right?
“You’ve charmed him so well that he prepped his tools so he could cut you up well before you pass. That’s VIP treatment.” I wished the man would grow tired of the sound of his voice. His conversational detours annoyed me to no end.
“So when are we leaving?”
“Patience is a virtue. Not that I expect your kind to know of such things.” He exhaled loudly. “We’ll leave once Ryan is dressed.”
Silent inhabited the room for a few minutes. Ryan wore a winter coat when he walked back in. He headed straight for me and unlocked my restraints. I yelped in pain as he grabbed my upper arm to pull me to my feet. I steadied myself a moment later. As soon as I stopped leaning on him, he forced me toward the door.
My knees buckled by reflex. The fear of the unknown wouldn’t let me walk. The non-reader interpreted this as a refusal to cooperate. He slapped my face. Stars danced in front of my eyes and my muscles loosened, making me easily towable. I regained control of my feet a few seconds later and followed without comment.
Ryan guided me down the stairs. The non-reader followed in my footsteps. The front door opened on a snow covered lawn and a pathway leading into the nearby woods. The freezing air hit my wounded skin and my damp clothes with torturing harshness.
The coldness forced my senses on hyper drive as we stepped outside. 

Vb – A Walk in the Park >>


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