Unforeseen Dives – 28a – Oracles

<< 27b – Gone

I emerged from my dive woozy and silently thanked Daniel for his swiftness as I hurled in the trashcan he held. Swimming in whirlpools was disorienting. I pushed myself to my limits and had to pay the price. At least, the restitution of my dinner drowned the cussing that might have otherwise erupted.
The first dive hardly turned anything up. I managed to confirm that Sean’s future mixed with the maelstrom, meaning that he had indeed been kidnapped by the same guy who took my mother. I learned that Wayne wasn’t late to the funeral because of his fishing trip; he would have made it had he not been grabbed on the way home. I was stuck with the burden of breaking the news to his wife. Plus, the whirlpool gulped the future of two more readers I hardly knew.
Rebecca needed a break after that which I was happy to agree with. Besides, Casey arrived with food for our dinner. After we ate, I dived back, only to get shoved around by the currents that frustratingly kept me away from much needed information. The spiral eventually led me to the humiliating event of my throwing up in front of my boss.
Even if I hadn’t buried my mom in the morning, this couldn’t qualify as a good day.
Casey handed me a napkin and a bottle of water left from dinner. I patted the telltale signs of my sickness and washed away the taste of bile. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only source of bitterness.
“When was the last time the Ocean let you down like this?” Rebecca sighed. She slumped on the arm of a couch. The unsettling sight shot pain straight to my heart. As if my feelings could take anymore of that.
Her question begged for no response. She couldn’t blame anybody for the lack of information concerning her husband but her hatred demanded an output. The Ocean was the most accessible target. And the less likely to reciprocate to a stream of insults.
I walked to her and we wrapped our arms around each other. Without a word, the guys headed out, pretending it required the two of them to empty the trashcan. Rebecca and I needed a little “partner time”. Besides the shared misery, we had to put our brains together. We never were all that good at discussing options with other people. We devised the strategy, and then encouraged every one to accept it.
“You’ve done every thing you can, Cass.” Rebecca intoned, keeping her mind closed and speaking out loud. I pulled back and peered at her. “Obviously, someone annihilated the best reader weapon before going to war.” My frown urged her to change her trail of thoughts. “Maybe the FBI will find something before it’s too late,” she continued, her tears bearing the weight of defeat.
I slapped her.
“No way in unforeseeable hell are you doing this to me!” I snapped. “If I’m not allowed to mourn my mom, you most certainly aren’t giving up!”
“We tried every thing!” She yelled back, pushing me forcibly. I stumbled backward and caught myself on the desk. If I had to make her mad to force her to stand up straight by my side, I would sure do it.
“Since when do you lie down and wait for the bullet? That’s not the Becky I know.”
“The Becky you know shouldered you while your life was ripped from you. She has nothing left.” She fell to the couch.
“I’ve never seen you stop fighting.” I murmured, already sorry for how heated the conversation had turned. I thought we were just going to figure out our next move.
“You’ve never seen me pregnant either.” My jaw dropped down to the first floor. “I didn’t want to tell you until your mom was safe and sound.” She shrugged. I joined her on the couch.
“I’m sorry I hit you.”
“You were right to do it. It’s just…” She sighed. “I guess I found my emotional limit.” Most people would have reached it way before that. She learned a war was about to annihilate readers, that she was pregnant and her husband was kidnapped all in the same month. I didn’t even want to factor in the pain my life brought into hers. “You’re the first one to know. Besides Sean, I mean. I blocked it from other telepaths.”
I hugged her with all the warmth I could muster.
“There’s one more thing we can try.” I said as I released her.
“Don’t even think about it.” She replied. I smiled at the irony; she had picked the idea in my thought. A soft knock at the door alerted us to the return of the boys. They probably waited there for a while. Becky confirmed my doubts with a nod.
We told them to come in.
“Did we miss the cat fight?” Casey joked, taking in the mark of my fingers on Becky’s left cheek. We chuckled, despite everything. Daniel refrained from commenting on our looks.
“Established any procedure for the investigation?” He inquired instead.
“I’ll get in through Maeve’s backdoor.” I raised my chin to emphasize my resolve. Casey’s eyes rounded.
“What? You can’t be agreeing to this!” Casey pleaded Rebecca to object though he knew she wouldn’t.
“To put it bluntly,” Daniel paused while he figured out the best formulation, “you intend to utilize an oracle’s vision as a trampoline for your seer-level dive with complete disregard to the high risk of neurological overload.” I caught my breath. When you put it like that…
“You cannot allow this.” Casey cut in, so white against his black shirt he looked dead. I hoped he would move on to another love interest soon.
“Daniel, don’t forbid me to do all I can to ensure the unborn child of my best friend will have a dad. I just lost my mom, and I’m not letting anyone else lose a parent.”
“I don’t like it.” Becky chimed in. “But since she’s more like me than I am today, anyone who gets in the way might lose teeth.”
“Is it even possible for both of you to be weakened at the same time?” Daniel was going to agree.
“Nope.” Rebecca and I choired. We rose from the couch as one.

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6 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – 28a – Oracles

  • Jenn

    A baby! I sure hope that Cass gets to see it by the end of this story! Also, I can’t believe that she wants Casey to move on. I sure hope that’s the stress talking :0)

    • Aheïla

      Cross your fingers, darling! *evil grin*
      I’m pretty sure it’s the stress talking. That and the fact that she doesn’t want his feelings to get in her way. She doesn’t want to be protected. She wants to kick a**.

  • Leaf

    Well, she does! I mean, Cass. She does kick a** right now. And by the way, I loved Becky’s last line XD The chemistry between them is great. Can’t wait to read Sunday’s chapter! ^^

    «o3 (Pop corn. Done cropping.)

    (… for now.)

  • Ryan

    I like the way the chapter ends and Cassidy’s pretty feisty again, that’s cool! Becky’s emotions are totally understandable and their chemistry is great as Leaf says.

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