The Old Souls Series Sounds Like…

If you were around in May, you probably read the AW May Musical Blog Chain (the very first one I hosted!). For that occasion, I picked songs that represented various aspects of Unforeseen Dives. Okay, I mostly presented the songs befitting the main characters. The point is that I said I would eventually do the same for The One Who Sees.
Today is the day. Song Saturday has a whole new face.

I actually decided to do the exercise for the whole series since each main character of The One Who Sees has a book of his own. Except for Christopher. Wait… no, I couldn’t possibly… crap… *writes in a seventh book in the series*. I am blaming this one on you guys. Stop musing me! Leaf, stop snickering!

Okay. On with the soundtrack. I am not going to give an extensive analysis of each song as I did in the blog chain. A girl’s gotta keep some mystery. However, you should know that everything has a meaning: the musicality, the lyrics, the order in which the songs are presented. Everything! A group provides a song for more than one character? It isn’t for lack of a big repertoire. It means something!
I wrote a quote/except for everyone. Quote is something they said out loud in The One Who Sees. Quote/excerpt are something they are likely to say in their book (since each is written first person). So not a quote per se, nor an excerpt since they are not written (except Lily).
I’m providing links to a YouTube video of most songs. When it applies and was possible, I picked a video with the lyrics either in the video itself or in the comments. Moreover, for the songs I could find on, I created a playlist published at the end of this post. Unfortunately, all songs weren’t available that way!

I invite you to listen. Either pick one character or listen to them all. Once you’re done, tell me who you think that/these character(s) is/are.
Just for fun, ok?! I’m curious!


Excerpt/Quote: “The hotel’s soap slides on my skin as I wish traumas would do. Unfortunately, traumas are akin to moisturizer; they sink deep into your skin and have a long-lasting effect.”
S.O.S – Apocalyptica featuring Christina Scabbia (in the playlist) -> I’m going to see this band live tomorrow night at Quebec’s Summer Festival’s closing soirée. Squee!
Star Scat – Caravane Palace (in the playlist)
Beyond Me – After Forever -> Random fact: I sang this at a multi-disciplinary art performance a few years ago. (just the woman part, of course.)


“That man didn’t realise how lucky he was.”
Congratulations – Blue October/Imogen (in the playlist)
30kft – Assemblage 23
Arabesque #1 – Claude DeBussy (in the playlist) -­> I’m not giving a YouTube link because no version fits like the one in the playlist.


“We have a punching bag. Chris hung it up in a tree. Do you think it’ll help?”
By The Sword – Emilie Autumn
Lullaby – Assemblage 23 (in the playlist)
Haunted – Stream of Passion (in the playlist)


“I just couldn’t face reincarnation yet. I had to make amends or I’d come back as a rat.”
Let me be your armor – Assemblage 23
Rise above it – Afro Celt Sound System
This Time – Jonathan Rhys Meyers (August Rush OST)
-> I l.o.v.e. this movie.


Excerpt/Quote: “I miss my house in L.A.”
Star 24 (No Apologies) – Jakalope
El Pajaro – Lhasa De Sela (in the playlist) -> Random fact: Lhasa is my sunny Sunday morning music. I was unable to find a good YouTube version, though.
I put a spell on you – Logan Kendell (in the playlist) -> The version in my playlist fits better than the original but I can’t find it on YouTube either!


Excerpt/Quote: “People assume immortals have no knowledge of death. Wrong. I’ve died more times than you can ever hope to. It just doesn’t stick.” 
Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) – Florence + The Machine (in the playlist)
Crushing Me – Stabbing Westward
Follow The Reaper – Children Of Bodom
 -> Head-banging time! Soft hearted, lower the volume! 😉


Soul Eater
Quote: “I decided that a bulimic soul eater was a lot worst than accepting and controlling my soul consumption.”
Track 1 – Keiji Haino/Peter Brötzmann (in the playlist) -> I stumbled upon this one because I searched for the track #5 of their Evolving Blush or Driving Original Sin album. I can’t find it anywhere on the web. If you know it, it’s perfect for this character.
Don’t let me be misunderstood – Santa Esmeralda -> In a mind-set called sarcasm, this song is THE best for this character. That was a free hint.
Save Yourself – Stabbing Westward (in the playlist)


So wanna jump and tell me who you think these characters are?


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2 responses to “The Old Souls Series Sounds Like…

  • Leaf

    *Snickers* A seventh book, hmm? *snickers-snickers-snickers* XD

    That’s an interesting list! ^^ I’m still laughing over Cianán’s quote XD I’ll have to take some time later to listen to each song carefully. For now, I have some Cassidy Chapters to read! ^^

    • Aheïla

      I said stop it!
      Come on. Look at that line up!
      Lily than Chris? Than William? Than Cianán? Don’t you, that know more than the others, see the potential (and potential headache) lying there!?
      The One Who Gives? What do you think?

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