Unforeseen Dives – IVa – A Bump on the Head

<< 23b – Talk-show

The quickness of my actions made me woozy. Despite the pain flashing across every inch of my body, I tightened my grip on the chain. I expected Ryan to resist or something. Much to my surprise, he didn’t try to counter my assault. How the FBI agent became a defenseless sadist eluded me, but I had seen more traumatizing transformations in the past weeks. I wasn’t going to think about it twice.
Suddenly, my vision blurred under the assault of Ryan’s broadcast. He plundered his bank of cruel images usually kept to haunt my meals and bombarded my mind with them. Crushed limbs, yells, blood and pleas assaulted my cerebrum.
I thought I was prepared for it. My knees buckled and should Ryan have but yanked once, he would have escaped my grip. He stayed still, contented by the mental pain he inflicted me. Between the strain of keeping the Ocean out of my head and the tireless attacks of the horrors beamed straight into my consciousness, walking was unthinkable. I could barely deal with all of it and force my battered muscles to act.
Before I risked giving up on my escape entirely, I pulled on the chain even more. It dug into Ryan’s neck, cutting off the flow of air to his lungs. He was so heavily drugged with adrenaline inhibitors, survival instinct didn’t kick in. Within seconds, the images stopped and he grew limp. I bowed to maintain the pressure on his neck when my strength failed to keep his body standing.
I released my hold before it was too late. No matter how evil he was to me now, he used to be a colleague. A good man. If there was a smidgen of chance for him to revert to his normal self, I couldn’t kill him.
I dropped the unconscious man to the ground and sat by his side, catching my breath. Fatigue ruled my body and the Ocean threatened to overtake my mind. Avoiding prompt diving required all my will.
I fumbled in Ryan’s pocket for the hand-cuffs I knew he had on him. On the course of the past days, he cuffed me to move me around the manor to a torture chamber or another. I wondered why he bothered hurting me so much if he never asked any question. He could have just killed me. Some days, I wished he did.
Finally hooking my fingers through the cuffs, I slid them out of his pocket and around one of his wrists. I wanted to close the other end on one of the loops fixed in the wall. Using my weight more than my muscles, I slowly dragged Ryan toward my intended tether, praying no one else inhabited the manor. At last, I secured my captor.
I took a wide wooden plank coated with dried blood and slammed it forcibly on the back of Ryan’s head to make sure he would be out for a while. I dropped in the couch, desperate to pull my brain together. The Ocean called me strongly. My escape required my full attention. I had to dive, to rid myself of the overbearing siren song of the Ocean, if I hoped to walk free. Unfortunately, I risked a lot by prompt diving here and now. With all the whirlpools obscuring the future of this place, I might drown in emotions.
It wasn’t like I had a choice.
Jaw clenched as if it could save me, I released the feeble wall between my mind and the Ocean. The current drove me under fast. The waves of feelings rammed my heart and menaced my sanity. There was nothing to perceive or comprehend only a torment that equaled the ones I endured physically. I braced myself and surrendered any control over my destination. My mind rebelled but I forced it flexible. The ebbs and flows bruised my core but I refused to shatter on the reefs of violence sprinkled in the future.
Once the call to prompt dive dimmed, I sweated my way out of my trance. Sheer stubbornness led my consciousness back to reality. I opened my eyes on the grim living room. Ryan was still out and chained. Sean was still decomposing. My perception, however, wavered no more. I saw my surroundings for what they really were, without questions and ever-changing information.
A small victory, it drew a sigh of relief past my lips nonetheless.
I hesitantly stood and waited for the black rim pain brought to my vision to dissipate. I’d kill myself if I passed out now. I dragged my feet as silently as possible toward the door. My muscles reluctantly turned the knob. The twisting motion cracked the frail scabs on my forearm and blood oozed. I winced.
The hallway behind the door was familiar. So were most of the doors. Each room contained an array of sick tools to inflict pain. What probably sounded as paradise for a really deranged person embodied my own personal hell. Flogging room, isolation room, a room with a curved floor and a drain to facilitate blood cleaning… even BDSM fans would throw up.
I hobbled toward the end of the corridor, the only threshold I never crossed. Somewhere beyond it waited the door to the outside world. Despite the will-shattering protests of my wounds, I was bent on feeling the cold winter air on my skin. I paused every few steps when my body threatened to collapse from the fatigue.
Beyond the hallway, I found a large landing and a fancy staircase. I blessedly gripped the railing for support and tentatively took steps down. One at a time, they led me to the first floor. Freedom’s calling tingled my skin. Adrenaline fuelled my muscles and desperation ordered me to move.
I had no clue what I could do once outside but it sure improved my situation.
I went from room to room, searching the entrance. If I had the strength, I would break a window and make a run for it. Since I barely walked, this wasn’t an option.
Suddenly, a sharp pain exploded in my brain accompanied by the thump of a blunt object hitting my head. My knees gave in and I hit the floor.

IVb – A Bump on the Head >>


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18 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – IVa – A Bump on the Head

  • Jenn

    Dang it! And here I thought she was going to possibly get away. I take it she forgot to take the key with her when she cuffed him?
    Very nice chapter!

  • Leaf

    Have you read The Silence of the Lambs ? Your torture chambers really made me think of it (in a good way, as I love that book).

    A nice chapter, I hope sunday comes soon for us to get the next part! ^^

  • Phil

    I really thought Cassidy was gonna escape, too, as Jenn said. She is resourceful. And determined. Tough, too. This glimpse into her future is ominous. Which is what makes a good cliffhanger! 😉 and great lunchtime reading.

    • Aheïla

      I’ve dubbed my format “coffee-break sized bites of fiction”. *laughs* Lunchtime works, too!

      Sorry about quashing your hopes… not! But don’t worry; Cass will get another chance. 😉

  • Marsha

    I hate to see people tortured and in pain! Get her out of there fast!

  • Alyssa

    I’m going to have to start drawing up a time line…

    • Aheïla

      Drawing up a timeline? What for?

      • Alyssa

        dude i was cryptic this morning. What I meant to say was that I’m going to have to draw up a time line for myself so that i can see what’s happening in teh past and what’s happening in the future. 🙂 that way I can keep track of it, lol.

      • Aheïla

        Question of writerly interest: Is it because my writing makes it confusing or because you want to try to figure things out before I write them? *laughs* Basically, I’d like to know if I have to pay special attention to something when I enter editing.

      • Alyssa

        Not so much your writing love. 🙂 Remember to keep in context that the story is broken up into a number of small parts. If it was already in book format everything would’ve been together. And, the bits that I want to make sense of, are the bits that you purposefully wrote to be confusing, so – job well done there.

        You’ve nailed it on the head though – I would like to try and anticipate what’s goign to happen next. Sketch up a map and see where it might potentially lead me. 😉 I’m bad that way – lol.

      • Aheïla

        Oh I remember the format! Since you read it in one go, you might I’ve noticed that I sometime repeat information unecessarily (compared to a book format). What would be in the same chapter ends up stretched over weeks so it’s a necessary evil. 😉
        So my suspicions were correct! As long as you don’t spoil it for the others!
        Thanks for your comments. You guys kind of are my beta readers on this one so it’s appreciated. 😀

      • Alyssa

        Exactly Aheila, 🙂 One day from now, you are going to take this and review it as a whole, not just chapter for chapter. Then you’ll make everything flow so that it can slot in well for a book. 🙂 Untill then, your format and presentation is good. Your remind people kindly what’s been happening without making it too obvious. Every post is treated like a small mini novel. I use my chapters on fanfiction.net like that as well, because I sometimes post weeks apart.
        Flow must meet function, that’s a very important tip to remember.

      • Aheïla

        I agree on all account.
        Except that I’ll probably start editing this in August (if my novel goes as plan) or in the beginning of next year. Not tomorrow. *laughs* (I’m kidding, of course, I know you didn’t mean that literally.)

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