Unforeseen Dives – 23b – Talk-show

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Face ashen and muscles tensed, I could hardly breathe. Rebecca’s mind filled the emptiness of mine in the hope of strengthening me. I felt how worried she was. She felt how scared I was. We were an emotional mess, but, at least, I didn’t pass out.
“Cass,” my mom said over the speakers of Debbie’s talk-show. “I’m so sorry. I…” A sob interrupted the flow of her speech and conjured tears in half the audience’s eyes. Her pain and fear were that sincere. My heart shattered on them.
“Cass… Don’t look for…” A loud slap kept her from talking. It wouldn’t have hurt more if I got the blow. I clenched my teeth.
“Just the script.” The angry male voice growled. My mother took a deep breath.
“My name is Martha Parker and I’m a psychic. In a few days, I will show readers for the danger they really are.” The line clicked off.
I sank in my chair, heart beating against my rib cage with the force of adrenaline and the anger of helplessness. A mad man abducted my mother and made her call me on live national television to notch the reader community’s reputation. Processing that required more than Becky putting her head with mine.
The war wasn’t for later. It was already starting.
Debbie hurriedly called the commercial break and as soon as the camera shut off, I prompt dived into the immediate future.
“Don’t!” Rebecca yelled in my ear and wrapped her mind around mine. She cut me off from the Ocean just before a whirlpool drowned me. She probably just saved my life. Nonetheless, ungratefulness dulled my reason.
I needed to find my mom. Now. Without the Ocean, I was nearly blind, as insignificant as the next civilian non-reader.
I rushed off the stage with Rebecca on my heels. My tears blurred the world and I bumped in a few people, including Casey, before I reached my objective. I dug my cell phone out of my purse and punched its buttons with trembling fingers until I found the number I was looking for.
Rebecca tried to reestablish physical contact with me so she could breathe her cold headed nature into my system. I slapped her hand away. I didn’t want to be influenced and I’d fight her if she tried again.
Casey reached for me too. Rebecca caught him and pulled him back. She knew from my look and my mind that I was too heated up to be touched. I needed someone to blame for the pain burning my soul.
“Hello?” Samuel voice came from the receiver.
“Where is she?” I never sounded so angry and broken in my entire life.
“Cass? I called your house and left you about three messages a day this week!”
“Where is she?” I very nearly yelled. The break on the last syllable belied my rage. I already knew I was vocally beating up the wrong guy.
“Your mom? I don’t know! She missed our date three days ago and I haven’t heard from her since. Do you know anything? Is she alright?”
His genuine worry and care crushed me. I could hear it in his panicked tone. He didn’t know a thing. We didn’t know a thing. My misplaced fury melted into despair. I crashed. My knees hit the ground hard as I snapped into a reaction more akin to my usual self. The jolt of pain evaporated on the searing lump in my throat.
“She just called. It’ll be on the news. Nothing is right. I’ll get her back.” The phone slipped from my loosening grip. Samuel’s voice came from it, asking the thousand of questions that whirled in my own mind. I imploringly looked up to Rebecca and Casey standing a few feet away from the teary heap I was.
Becky picked up the phone and concluded the conversation with Samuel. Casey sat next to me and provided a shoulder to lean on. I cried. I cried for the weight that burdened my shoulders the whole week. I cried for how, in a New York minute, someone increased it. I cried for my mom who was suffering something, somewhere. I cried for my ignorance about how to save her.
Casey wasn’t feeling much better than me. He knew my mom and he loved me. He tried to keep a straight heart in order to sooth mine but the wall around his mind wasn’t as strong as usual. He hurt.
However, through Casey, I felt Rebecca as she put my cell phone back with my belongings. She was fuming. Someone was hurting me and it didn’t sit well with her. Her whole consciouness focused on the call of vengeance. Her heart steeled and sharpened. At her very core, there was a rigidity that no amount of challenge could bend.
I hung on to that, used it as a floor to stop my fall and stabilize my emotions. If I couldn’t think straight, my mom was as good as dead. The clues started with me; my key to her house, my knowledge of her habits and my connection to her. It wasn’t random violence. I was the target. Why? And more importantly, why not just abduct me?
As I regained control on my actions, I registered my surroundings. The biggest part of Debbie’s crew eyed me cautiously. In the audience, production assistants calmed the crowd. One producer argued with the director about whether the show had to go on or not and what could fill in the blank of the rest of the interview I was in no shape to give. Rebecca stood by stiffly, a mean expression on her face, daring the buzzards to say a thing.
Debbie jostled her way to me. Instead of the trauma painted on everyone’s face, the little non-reader’s eyes sparkled. She smelled the value of the incident for her ratings. A scoop, live on her show, instantly made her bigger than she already was.
I watched her approach. Each step she took tightened my jaw. I didn’t want her to talk.
“Was it really your mother?” She eagerly asked.
I opened my mouth to call her an insensitive bitch. My partner beat me to it in her own way.
Rebecca punched the world-renowned talk-show host in the stomach.

IVa – A Bump On The Head >>


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8 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – 23b – Talk-show

  • Phil

    I knew Cassidy’s mom was in trouble but this is really disturbing. I like that Rebecca jumped in so quickly to save Cass from putting her life in jeopardy. And I like that Casey’s feelings for Cassidy are no longer hidden, like where Cassidy says he loves her.

    • Aheïla

      The story is kicking into high gears now and there is more disturbances to come.
      We’ll see more of Cass and Cas in the coming weeks… There might be a pun somewhere in there. 😉

  • Jenn

    Thanks for the great chapter. I am so glad that Rebecca punched the talk show host! I would have given it to her too!

    Also, I agree with Phil, it’s nice to see Casey’s feeling out in the open.

    • Aheïla

      *laughs* At first, I thought Cassidy would yell. So Becky surprised me.
      As for Casey’s feelings, you NaSties are really all about the smoochies, aren’t you?

  • Marsha

    Ah now see, if it were me, she would have punched the show host in the face…much more effective with on air personalities. I was afraid that it was her mom’s new boyfriend too.

    • Aheïla

      See, Becky knows her stuff. She punched in the stomach because it is less visible. An FBI agent leaving marks on someone because she lost her temper would be suspended for sure, wouldn’t she?
      Not that I really know what I’m talking about, of course.

  • Alyssa

    Dude, interesting twist.

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