Fable Friday

I am officially introducing Fable Friday. I’m not saying that I’ll write a fable every Friday but if I write one, it will be posted on Friday.
This comes from yet another Saturday night, writing-oriented dinner with my friend Sabrina. It has become a tradition for us to get together and discuss writing projects. We often come up with new ideas either related to an ongoing project or not. Let’s say we keep each other mused. 😉
After the Summoning Chicken fable, inspired by Sabrina’s synesthesia, I randomly talked about Fable Friday and off we went. We got another idea right there on the spot. Barely a temporary title and a few possible actions. It stewed in my mind and I wrote the first draft this week. It’s missing some kick though so I’ll post it next Friday.
Sabrina is currently studying to become a string-instrument maker (violin to be precise). She works with wood all day long and has developed an… er… ok, she probably won’t mind if I write it… an obsession. Kinda. She always has pieces of woods with her and carries them everywhere. Various essences, common and exotic thrown in pockets, purse or backpack. That’s what started the fable I’m currently working on.

Here’s the title of the first draft. It might change… or not.
Knock On Wood – An Absurd Fable In Which Luck Is Not Proper Reciprocation For Getting Hit

Does it sound promising enough?
It’s Sabrina’s fault if the rest of my writing doesn’t go as fast as I wish. But hey, what are friends for? And least you guys get more stories!

I’m off to work! Sing to you tomorrow for Song Saturday! 😉


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4 responses to “Fable Friday

  • Phil

    Violin making sounds like a very cool profession. Well, somebody’s gotta make ’em. Seriously, I wish Sabrina the best of luck. It’s so cool she’s excited about this new pursuit. I can’t wait to read your fable! Btw, I’m actually sitting at a table at an outdoor café at this moment next to a group of concert musicians! Could there be an absurd fable there?

  • Jenn

    Ok, first off, I’m jealous about Phil sitting in an outdoor cafe…sigh…that sure sounds nice…lol

    A violin maker who carries wood around with her…I think that could defiantely be a story especially if she is supersticious!

    Hehe…I can’t wait to read your next fable!

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