Unforeseen Dives – IIIb – A Hole in the Wall

<< IIIa – A Hole in the Wall

Disturbingly wearing my face, you scuffed sluggishly out the door. Was there any vigor left in you or had the drugs spicing up your veins numbed it away? Option two ought to win this round. I’d bet my life on it. Not that it was worth much anymore.
I slapped my face with enough force to shake my thoughts back on the goal I was stubbornly pursuing. You had just walked out to prepare lunch; it was time to use the force I had left. Nothing else mattered but breaking free. Either that or go belly up. Tic, tock, this is a limited time offer. Call now or die.
I slapped my other cheek.
I pushed myself off the wall slowly than spun on my rear to rest my feet against the rock. My pants cost a fortune but they were ripped beyond recognition already. The fabric thinned from the constant rubbing against the floor and my mind paled from scraping against horror. I had to get out before there was nothing left of me.
I looped the chain around both hands twice. It shortened my leash so I had to bend my knees to keep my feet against the wall. I took a deep breath, and then unfolded my legs as far as I could. I contracted my stomach hard so that my butt would hover over the floor, thus adding my weight to the strength of my legs. I held the pose as long as I could, which got shorter everyday. Then, I released and sat.
With both arms, I yanked as firmly as I could, twisting my torso so my abs helped the process. Five times each side. Three series. A trainer would be proud of me. When my muscles hurt – which they did quickly due to my numerous cuts – I kept going. I took a thirty seconds break once I was done to fiddle with the ring in the wall, twisting and turning it to loosen its bolts. Then I went back to my leg extension, reversed plank-inspired stance.
My mind wrapped itself in the repetitions. Thirty minutes of that, twice a day while you prepared my meal. Each day, my muscles grew so painful that I cried and almost gave up. This one was no different. Each day, I insisted. Either that or belly up.
I was holding my sixth plank when the ring slid free of the wall. I fell flat on my back and hit my head pretty hard. For a few minutes, all I saw were stars. When I finally pulled my senses together, I sat and stared at the wall. There it was. The hole. I felt like trapped miner finally catching a glimpse of light and fresh air after all the canaries have died. Unfortunately, I wasn’t nearly out of my prison.
The rasping of your slippers cued me in on your impending return. My time was up. I hurried to cover my tracks. The last thing I needed was to have you discover my relative freedom at an inopportune moment and screw up my chances. I swiped the dust and herded the rock fragments with a few well-placed palm strokes. I pressed the pile and the end of the chain between the wall and me, resting my back against the telltale hole. A quick glance around confirmed the innocent look of my surroundings.
I wiped my palm against my pants; they were dirty enough for the new dust to be inconspicuous. I cleared my mind a second before you entered the room. I had caught it real close but your blank stare seemed oblivious of my inner rejoicing. I couldn’t think about what I had to do next or you would pick up on it.
I focused all my energy on thinking about you. With the Ocean clouding my judgment, I had oodles of questions to spin around my brain. You looked like nobody I knew, then you looked like me, then you looked like an ex-colleague. Round and round the shivering faces went. At some point, you were my mom. It took all my will not to try and smack you senseless. I cried instead.
You sat before me, settled the tray of food on my lap and started the spoon feeding and telepathically communicated horrors’ waltz. I carved a place inside of me where I could think under the surface. Preoccupied as you were with torturing me, efficient multithinking would allow me to plan my escape right under your nose. It wasn’t easy to pull off but since that hole had appeared in the wall, I was on top of the world.
I chomped on my broccoli, stifled my muscles and steeled myself against the images you beamed in my brain.
I needed to know exactly who you were. If I couldn’t keep the Ocean from messing with my perceptions, I wouldn’t know what to really expect from you and plan accordingly. Being in the here and now was the only way for me to get through this. The rest would distract me and give you a chance to best me. I had only one shot and I wasn’t messing it up.
Unbeknownst to your sadistic self, I managed a peaceful spot amidst my soreness. I closed my eyes but kept up with your eating/torturing routine. When I would open them, the Ocean would stop hindering everything with its haze. I willed it so.
Breath in.
Breath out.
I cracked my lids and fixed your face. There you were. Not an easy prey but if I squeezed hard enough, you probably wouldn’t resist. Someone almost did it to you once. Centuries ago. I had stopped her.
In the shielded part of my mind, I devised my next move. I had to be quick – and waste delicious food – but I could do it. I had dreamt about it for quite sometime
I wrapped my leash around your neck and rose. My adrenaline filled muscles pulled you up with me. Maintaining the chain firmly in place, I held your body between me and whatever might come. I pressed my chest against your back to bring my lips near your ear.
“Now, Ryan, you’re getting me out of here.”

16a – Hostage >>

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12 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – IIIb – A Hole in the Wall

  • Marsha

    I like the way you had the villain keep changing her appearance to Cassidy so she would not be able to see who she really was until she was able to get free. I’m confused about one thing though, was the torture of her co-worker in the previous chapter real or one of the “mind tortures” being used against her?

    • Aheïla

      It was a real one. The villain recorded it and played it back to Cassidy. Just another tactic: instead of beaming the images in Cassidy’s mind, he played the sounds and got her imagination running. 😉

  • Antonio

    Now she’s in a prison…? Damn, this is what i get for popping in and out of this story. I always get an “itchy” feeling when reading about a character being imprisoned. I hope she gets out soon.

  • Sabrina

    I like that… love the way it’s going and the suspense you manage to create, as if it was so easy for you to pull it out ^^ (And I know it’s not, but you give us the feeling it is.)

    Looking ahead to see what’s coming next !

    Not sure I’m making sense here, but it was worth a try. xD

  • Phil

    It is mind torture to Cassidy though, right? Whatever tactics the villains use, Cassidy is experiencing pain and mental anguish that’s not entirely physical.
    I like the richly descriptive detail you put into this and you’re focused nicely on the sequence of events in the storyline despite the very difficult technique you’re employing with time shifts.

    • Aheïla

      Yes. Cassidy has received an array of mental and physical assaults.
      Writing these snippets in the future is indeed a challenge. I try to use different voice to set it clearly apart from the rest and avoid confusion. At the same time, it has to sound like Cassidy. I’m glad it works!
      One of the perks of this project is that I get to try my hand at difficult things and get feedback!;)

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