Unforeseen Dives – 15b – Interrogation

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I quelled the urge to pull my fingers out of the Special Agent’s shake. His hand was cold, moist and flaccid. If it reflected his demeanour, I couldn’t figure out how he ended up in the FBI. He was fairly young too.
“The non-reader is star struck,” Rebecca beamed. She stood close to me; our arms barely touched.
“Star stuck?” The man finally released my hand to shake Rebecca’s. She closed her mind to him but pursued her discussion with me.
“You’re a big thing now, Cass. You’ve stopped one hell of a terrorist attack. He thinks you’re sexy.” She stretched out the word to tease me. “And apparently, I look tough.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you both,” the agent stammered. “If you would please follow me.” He led the way, completely oblivious of my mental conversation with Rebecca.
“I was just doing my job. I’m not a star.”
“To the Bureau, you are. Why else would they make you Miss Congeniality?” I refrained from sticking my tongue out. Her hearing me think it had to do. “I bet Casey’s buying you a bikini.”
“No, he’s buying me a cocktail dress for tonight’s dinner with the mayor.”
“Same difference.”
We entered a room with a one-way mirror, on the see-through side. Through the glass, I watched the criminal from the exterior for the first time. I wouldn’t have recognized her if I didn’t know who I was looking at. I only had bits and pieces in my memory; hands, calves, back… Nothing to make a positive ID.
She was a Caucasian with a dash of Latin influence. Her strong forehead was somewhat balanced by her chin, which she kept angled up and forward. Her square shoulders reinforced the arrogant posture. No wonder I initially thought she was a man; she trained, a lot. She wore a gray suit on a pristine blouse. She could have been an FBI agent.
“Nadina Perez. She hasn’t been processed yet. Hate psychic-induced arrests; lots and lots of red tape.” An older agent joined us in the room. He was exactly what one could expect of the FBI.
“It would be tempting to cut corners ‘cause she certainly deserves the jail time.” A second man entered. He and Rebecca nodded simultaneously. Telepaths. “There is no way we’re risking a mistrial, though.” He hung a little on the scrawny side but his straight bearing strengthened his presence.
“Special Agent Jackson and this is Special Agent Reeves.” The first man, Agent Jackson, was definitely in charge. Non-readers bossed us around most of the time. We shook hands and presented ourselves. They knew who I was already.
I hated it.
“I’m going to lead the interrogation,” Agent Jackson announced, as I presumed he would. “As my partner said, we’re doing this by the book. He and I are going in there. You telepaths do your short wave radio mojo. Agent Parker, you listen in and translate anything pertinent right into that microphone. Clear?”
We nodded. It was standard procedure. Due to non-readers privacy laws, if a criminal interrogation was monitored telepathically, the criminal had to be informed and the telepath in his view. Since non-readers barely stood being plugged on a telepath, Agent Reeves couldn’t just relay straight to Agent Jackson, hence the whole circuit. At least, I didn’t have to sit by the mad woman.
Both interrogators crossed over to the other room. The agent who welcomed us started recording devices. Becky and I sat next to each other in front of the microphone. She grabbed my hand and the presence of both telepaths filled my mind.
“It’s an honour to work with you.” Agent Reeves said through Rebecca. “Call me Ryan.” Sharing minds prompted everyone to first name basis.
Rebecca hated working with strangers. She wasn’t as quick and receptive as usual. Nonetheless, we breezed through the initial questioning phase, acting roughly as a lie detector.
Nadina thought exactly what she was saying. If fact, she thought only that, which was odd. Readers know the “one track mind” idiom is bogus. Unless they actively worked on maintaining it, people split their focus.
Nadina didn’t. Not even once.
“She’s hiding something.” I said in the microphone.
The interrogators asked more insidious questions, trying to flush out either in speech or thought what the criminal didn’t want us to know. Ryan and Rebecca transmitted the Arabic in a regular stream and I translated as we went along.
“Are there any alternate translations that could be useful?” Ryan asked as we tried to figure out what was up. Our efforts wouldn’t turn it up and I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was about to go horribly wrong.
Then, it happened.
At first, I felt completely disoriented. I was floating.
No. Diving.
As I realized I had somehow managed to reach the Ocean on my own, I browsed to find out what Nadina kept to herself. Rebecca’s uneasiness made the telepaths slow on the uptake. I dived alone.
I didn’t search for long.
When Ryan stands over her, she pulls firmly on her handcuffs. Three times and the weakened ring holding the cuffs to the table breaks. In the same movement, she wraps her arms around the frail agent’s neck and drags him against her. As soon as she touches him, he yells and bursts into tears. With him hostage and luck she doesn’t deserve, she exits the facility.
 “She’s going to break free.” I yelled in the mic after I snapped back in reality faster than safety advised. Agent Jackson didn’t believe me; I heard it through the telepaths’ mind. By now, Ryan had fished the vision right out of my head and, out of surprised, his first reflex had been to stand.
Nadina yanked once.
Had I been thinking straight, I would have waited two seconds for Rebecca to get up to speed. As it was, I only registered that I was closer to the door and I rushed out, half stunned by my unexpected dive.
Nadina yanked twice.
I knew she wins if she grabs Ryan. I had to keep it from happening. This change in events might carve us an opportunity.
Nadina yanked thrice.
I opened the interrogation room’s door and landed straight into her arms.

IIa – A Hole In The Wall >>


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6 responses to “Unforeseen Dives – 15b – Interrogation

  • Marsha

    Ooooh, this was an exciting chapter. Now we have another clifhanger too. Can’t wait to see how Cassidy gets out of this one.

  • Phil

    Holy crap! This was exciting. I so agree with Marsha. Totally unexpected that the bomber tries to break free. I was happy to see Cassidy dash in to stop her. Thata girl! Cassidy and you! Nice chapter.

    • Aheïla

      Thanks Phil!
      This chapter was actually a pain to write because I had a lot of things to set up and a bunch of secondary characters to introduce. My thousand words was reached way too fast in the first draft.
      It only makes me more glad it turned out exciting for you guys!

  • Jenn

    Wow, amazing! I can’t believe that you stopped it there! Arf! It’s a good cliffhanger, but if I have to wait 2 weeks I’m gonna come over there & make you sit at the computer until it’s done! lol
    I’m having some thoughts that I’ll keep to myself about what comes next!

    • Aheïla

      Lol! Yop, I’m cruel like that!
      And yop, two weeks since this week you all get another glance at Cassidy’s future.
      Before you say that cliffhanger’s torture, wait until you see what else I have in store for you guys. 😉

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