Creativity, where are you?

This morning, I was too creative for my own good but now?

I’ve been working on various game concepts all day and my brain is fried. I wanted to complete my second NaSty tonight or, at the very least, write a few rhymes for Scout (Tiffany’s werewolf/werepony). I can’t seem to get anything out, though. I have an idea of the tone of voice I’m going to take to sing the song and I know I’ll juggle with the idea of awkwardness and probably the irritation of having to hold back on life and love. But I don’t have a precise story to tell or feeling to beam out.
At least, I still have time to complete everything. And Kylie Ru just joined me on the NaSty Chatzy so may be we can figure something out.

I’ll most likely spend my evening typing up my rewrite for my novel. I like to print it and revise it over coffee. Now that every margin is full of colorful notes, it’s time to feed it back into the computer.
I’m happy to get back in touch with Lily.
Once I’m done rewriting the first half and am completely back in the story, I’ll write the missing half.

So yeah, I’ll keep busy even though my creativity is off. I hate it when my brain let me down.


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9 responses to “Creativity, where are you?

  • Phil

    Busy much? I’m overloaded doing half as much as you do. I did manage a partial rewrite tonight and now have to iron out the plot. Good luck with your writing.

  • Phil

    I hope it’s morning when you read this. After a good night’s sleep. I hate to think you’re driving yourself to exhaustion.

    • Aheïla

      Just about to go to bed actually. I stated up late to watch movies. Nothing like someone else stories to recharge my batteries. And watching it is pre-digested compared to a book.
      I’ll be a little sleepy tomorrow but nothing a coffee won’t fix and I really needed to unwind.

      Thanks for caring! 😉

  • Tiffany

    Hi Aheila – I don’t know if my next post gave you any ideas or not. I didn’t get as far as I thought I might on explaining how Scout got her hooves, but the setup for it is there so you might guess it. She is going to be pissed about having hooves, but she feels like she deserves them (I’ll just tell you…she will unintentionally wrong her lover and get cursed with them). However, she won’t be a very good werewolf without them, so she will be used to being steathy and become clunky and awkward. (I just figured all this out on Saturday). So…a sorrowful balad would work – that will go nicely with your voice. I’ve been listening to “Howl” by Florence the Machine for inspiration – it makes me think of how Scout will feel when it goes down – but not exactly – like I said, she feels she deserved what happened to her, but it is going to change everything for her, so she is also angry…and still on love.
    Hope that helps, if you’re still up for it 🙂
    Email me back if you want to chat about it (it helps that I know what is happening now)

    • Aheïla

      Thanks! This helps a lot actually and it works perfectly with what I had started.
      Right now, I have a part of the chorus worked out and few ideas for the rest.
      “I’ll howl through the night
      But run no more with the wolves
      I’ll howl with all my might
      I’ll howl though the night on my hooves.”
      I’ll listen to the song you mentionned and come back to you tonight if I need any more info! 😉

      • Tiffany

        All of that is going to fit 🙂 Sounds perfect so far – I love it!

      • Tiffany

        I hope the “Flo” song made sense…it kinda more how she would emote something she is feeling rather than something she is actually gonna do.

      • Aheïla

        Yop! Made all the sense in the world. I’ll try to come up with something asap and let you know about it before I record it. I’m teaching tomorrow and Thursday night so I have very little time left to write and record the song! 🙂

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